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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Testing Team without "Testers"

Presentation brings alternative opinion of testing team set up.

How does the traditional testing team set up bring the value to the key challenges of IT deliveries in the year 2015 - i.e. fast time to market, IT enabling the business value, flexibility of IT delivery?

Do we actually need the "testers" as part of IT delivery?

Presentation is outlining key functions and skill sets in the alternative testing team that are eanbling cooperation accross e2e IT delivery chain.

Profile of traditional testers is not part of the alternative testing team any more.

Key drivers of testing are softskills (communication, management, mentoring, training, stakehodler management, ...) and specialised hard skills (test automation specialisation, technology knowledge, particular business knowledge, ...).

The idea of Testing team without "testers" is intentionally extremistic to raise the attention to non-core testing knowledge and skill set that every testing team has to have in 2015, otherwise will not be successfull.

Aleš Baránek, KBC, Ireland

Aleš Baránek

  • Started in PMO, Project Management
  • Set up and Managed IT team of Analysts and Project Leaders
  • Set up and Managed Testing Team in CSOB
  • Setting up and Managing Testing Team in KBC Ireland
  • Setting Release Governance in KBC Ireland, Managing Release and Deployment department