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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Testing mobile applications with 50M+ userbase

Everyone involved in mobile application development dreams of a big breakthrough, a huge success. However, when such success comes, it brings new problems. Namely, more users and a much larger scale of devices the application will be installed on. There may be unexpected performance or behavior problems on less known devices. Maybe even on devices you never heard of. Also, any change in the application, either visual or functional, suddenly impacts millions of users instead of few thousand.

During a period of big changes and a fast growth in Avast Mobile, we had to assure the quality of a complex security product. Fast growing userbase with tens of millions active devices did not make the task easier. As always, time was limited and so were resources.

Our strategy was based on statistical data, on our mistakes from the past and also on planned changes of the product, both short term and long term. The test and release process itself could be described in a few main points. Specifically, quality acceptance criteria, test case and test suite design. Furthermore, plan of test automation efforts and its focus on the new functionality and internal product quality. The process also deals with potential growth of other products on our roadmap.

This talk will be mainly about how we tackled these problems at Avast and how do we plan on improving our test strategy in the future.


Jan Aubrecht, AVAST, Czech Republic

Jan Aubrecht

Janek was always interested in project management and organization, from small scale school/university projects to television production. During his studies at CTU, first at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and then at the Faculty of Information Technology, he was also interested in testing of software products and development process improvement. Finally, he was lucky enough to combine both interests in his current position of Quality Assurance Engineer in Avast Mobile.