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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Testing Enterprise Service Bus What? Where? How?

Many of us have already tested separate software products as well as integrations between systems. But what if system under test itself is a solution for integration? What are we testing in this case - product or integration?

In my speech I will tell you about approaches to functional testing of such solutions on example of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) - system integration model based on service oriented architecture (SOA).

I will share practical recommendations, tell about basic test scenarios, as well as about tools for testing and automation.

The report will be interesting to software testers, automation engineers, test leads, who are working with similar systems and who are making first steps in SOA testing, or to those ones who just want to extend professional outlook.

Alexandra Volkova, Itera, Ukraine

Alexandra VolkovaI've been working in software testing field for more than 9 years. Main areas of expertise are SOA system testing, test automation and project management.

At the moment I'm working as Project Coordinator at the Itera company (Kiev, Ukraine).

Certified test analyst (ISTQB). On of the co-founders of the biggest Ukrainian software testing conference QA Fest (2014, Kiev).