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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Test Data Management Concept and Methods

TDM, Test Data Management is one aspect of the multifacetted topic "Software Testing". For an holistic, efficient and reasonally priced Test Data Management Concept very different requirements have to be matched. Typicall challenges are: Separation of production and test; set up of a consistent preproduction in an 24/7 environement; automated and fast copy of mass data into test/development systems; safe and flexible in-flight masking of test data; complete and easy selection of very specific test data on row level; freezing and restoring of individual test data for regression tests. An intelligent TDM concept enables database administrators, software developers and testers to develop and to test the software instead of using too many resources on the supply of the appropriate test data.


Leif Diesing, UBS Hainer, Germany

Leif Diesing

Leif Diesing is working as sales manager at UBS Hainer, in Fulda/Germany. His focus during the 7 years with UBS Hainer was to provide concepts and solutions for an efficient Test Data Management, especially for DB2 on z/OS and Linux/Unix/Windows, but also for other DBMS like Oracle and MSSQL. The major goal is to offer companies a holistic approach to Test Data Management, including the setup of a preproduction, the supply of mass data for integration testing, the supply of specific test cases, the management of different test data versions and safe anonymisation concepts respecting functional relations in DBMS and applications.