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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Test cases and traffic lights: Is it a traffic violation?

Did you ever had a doubt whether you should make a test case fail or pass? Did you ever strayed off the beaten path of the written test case scenarios and found strange behaviours, and then had doubt what should be the outcome of this test? I believe every tester can answer this question with “Yes, thousands of time!”.

For years, I’ve been stuck in a mindset that test cases must resolve to “PASS” or “FAIL”, but then I realised: There are no traffic lights off that beaten paths, and it is not easy to decide whether to proceed or not (pass or fail). And the whole fun lies in this unexplored and unmarked paths in the jungle of code.

Let me guide you through this jungle by starting from my first baby steps as a “tester toddler”. It was very hard back then when I was learning to walk (test) at a first place. Lets walk together through my testing journey with the constant looking back on this thought: “What adds more value: subjective feeling, reliability of the software, or the number/percentage of the green, red, or even orange(yellow) test cases?” Can we find a parallel between executing tests and traffic lights?

Mirjana Kolarov, Execom, Serbia

Mirjana Kolarov

Mirjana holds the M.Sc. Science degree and, among others, ISTQB AL Test Manager certificate. Due to her technical background, she is strongly interested in SDLC, but among all, she is passionate and highly motivated software tester, working at Execom.

For more than 6 years, she is practising software testing on variety of projects as a test lead. What she especially enjoys is getting her hands dirty with actual testing.

Mirjana is co-founder of Test'RS Club - the first testing community in Serbia. Also, she is co-founder of NS IT Girls, organisation with the main focus to motivate women to start their careers in IT.