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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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TDD, BDD, ATDD and Other Insecticides

Many articles, books and conference talks that cover "test first" concept can be found. You have probably heard about methodologies TDD, BDD, ATDD and similar.

But who knows exactly what is hidden behind these abreviations? And who is able to describe, without any hesitation, the difference between TDD and BDD? And is there any difference at all?

This talk may not reveal any new cool information that change your life.

But it helps you to put things you have known together.

Not only that all mentioned concepts will be explained, but all of them will be described in plain language and compared to each other.

No more embarrassment when your team mates start shooting a line with expressions related to "test first" processes.

Slavoj Písek, Kerio, Czech Republic

Slavoj Písek

Slavoj Písek is a senior developer and development team leader at Kerio Technologies Inc. He has got more than 12 years experience in software developing and testing.

For more than 4 years he has been participating in the implementation of automated testing in the company as a team leader and project leader. Besides, he is an author or coauthor of several articles in IT magazines, and more than 20 books on programming and Information technologies.