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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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SW Quality Measurement

Every time I lead some IT project, there was some discussion in the team: „Why do we have to document this... We do not need this data… It is an unnecessary overhead work for us to generate this data for you… etc…“ I thing that most of you had heard arguments like this….

In this lecture, I want to answer those questions for you. I will talk about the testing metrics from the point of usability, which of them are used as a good or best practice, what to avoid within the implementation of measurement system, and for what purpose are we actually doing this.

In the lecture I will present a „big picture“ of testing metrics and because the following lectures will be mostly about the agile word, I shall accent metrics for the traditional / rigorous approach of development to give you some balance.

Ivo Zelenka, Zelenka & Kovanic, Czech Republic

Ivo ZelenkaIvo has a long time experience in the project management, quality management, IT service management, systems integration and software development. He graduated in informatics at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering. From that time Ivo has worked as the analyst/programmer, project manager, quality manager and test manager on couple of companies (Ministry of Economy, DELTAX Systems, IBM, Aquasoft or KOMIX).

Nowadays Ivo is a co-owner of the consulting company Zelenka & Kovanic, s.r.o. The company was founded in 2013 as a consulting firm that provides its customers with IT QA services. The company focuses on quality management in the operation and development of information systems using engineering methods, i.e. on the basis of facts and measurable quality characteristics.

Some of Ivo’s specialties are Quality Management, Quality Assurance in SW Development, Quality Auditing, ISO 9001 and 20001 implementation, Customer Satisfaction Surveys Realization, ITSM Consulting, ITIL Implementation or Project Management in ICT.