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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Rethinking QA

In today’s fast paced globally distributed environments, it seems that the well-known standard quality approaches are moving into the slow lane. But what can you do when maintaining the quality becomes your bottleneck? We would like to share with you a few lessons learnt from our global corporate environment, demonstrate how we tackled some of the obstacles on the road, and what we believe is the way forward to be successful in the quality crusade.

Jiří Brambůrek, Concur, Czech Republic

Jiří BrambůrekI enjoy delivering SW solutions to customers for more than 15 years. I have experiences with solution architecture on multiple platforms and development, deployment and support of various kinds of applications. Automated build, testing and deployment allow our team to focus on features instead of the process and support the attitude to innovate by trying new cool things, which is what we all like to do.




Štěpán Květenský, Concur, Czech Republic

Štěpán KvětenskýI have started my career as a test consultant 9 years ago and I’m enjoying being part of QA department ever since, currently as supervisor of Automation Framework team in Concur. Tools that we create provide steam for our automation solution since ’09. Fond of Agile, Continuous Deployment and DevOps approach.