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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Quality Control from zero to 100

An IT company has grown from zero to 100 people, developing a solution which causes consumer financial lending in a whole country to stop in case of a malfunction.

And, at first, had no formal quality control.

This presentation shows what happens and how things can be improved.

T. E. Shaw, Creditinfo Solutions, Czech Republic

T. E. ShawT. E. Shaw grew up on the crossroads of engineering, diplomacy and law, which defined his professional path. Graduating a gymnasium specializing in Mathematics and Physics and a University specializing in Macroeconomics, T. E. Shaw spends time between founding and selling, starting up and turning around technology companies with focus on transfer of business goals into technology goals, re-aligning technology with business and execution. T. E. Shaw has participated in the creation of more than two dozens of technology start-ups and has served as CTO at world #1s such as (world’s #1 database of buildings), the WestLicht Photographica Auction (world’s #1 auction for vitage photographic cameras) and CREDITINFO SOLUTIONS (world’s #1 provider of credit bureau solutions for emerging markets). At home in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic for nearly two decades, T. E. Shaw has recruited and led hundreds of people coming from dozens of nations. In his free time T. E. Shaw reads XX century literature.