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Quality challenges in digitalized world – testing is needed

The world is more and more digitalized. There is the revolution of user experience including different mobile devices for connecting to internet. There is the changing business with more and more of the business becoming electronic, based on web services and automatic information sharing between different systems. Most recently there is the Internet of Things / Everything, connecting almost all industries into each other and/or their backend-systems.

All the interconnectedness and increased demand on speed and ease-of-use suggests additional quality challenges. How can we ensure fast enough, secure and user-friendly information systems?


My opinion is that security testing, usability testing and performance testing become a greater focus. Additionally the way of creating software needs to become very quick and tuned to the feedback from user base. This means agile practices on both team level and organization level, DevOps, test automation, exploratory testing and broad competences on testing, software development, business domain knowledge and production environments. We need to be able to try easy and use that information to develop our software further.

We all experience the changing world, where software takes a bigger role. The quality needs are understood on grass root level, in the lives of each of us, and we try different methodologies and tools to see which will solve the new quality challenges.

Kari Kakkonen, knowit, Finland

Kari KakkonenMr. Kari Kakkonen has M.Sc. in Industrial Management from Aalto University. He has ISTQB Expert Level Test Management Full and Agile Testing certificates, and works mostly with agile testing. He has been working with testing tool implementations, testing processes, testing projects, consulting, and training since 1996. Kari has worked for various industries, including banking, telecom, embedded software, public sector, commerce.

Working in Finland at Knowit; Nordic ICT services company specialized in testing consultancy and software development.

Treasurer of ISTQB. Chair of Finnish Software Testing Board (FiSTB). In board of Finnish Association of Software Testers. In Tietoviikko –magazine’s 100 most influential people in IT 2010 –listing.