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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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PerfCake Performance testing made a piece of cake

Let's start with a definition of an optimal performance testing tool ever. Then we will show you how you could start developing performance tests instantly in a comfortable, yet powerful way. We would like to introduce you to a modern performance testing framework PerfCake that extends your performance testing capabilities than you have ever dreamed of. You may decide if we fulfilled the original requirements comparing us to tools you are familiar with. In the end we would like to hear your opinion on what features are you missing in PerfCake.

Martin Večeřa, PerfCake, Czech Republic

Martin VečeřaExperienced team leader of several Quality Assurance teams for various JBoss Middleware products from both technical and people manager point of view. An autocratic manager of the best performance testing tool PerfCake.





Pavel Macík, PerfCake, Czech Republic

Pavel MacíkPavel is a senior QA engineer working in Red Hat as a part of the JBoss QE team with the main focus on performance for over 7 years. He is also one of the core developers of the PerfCake performance testing framework.