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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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How-to kill procrastination

We live in a world where the accessibility of information made us see that everything is possible. However, the freedom of information has its side effects. We have sometimes too many choices that in the end we do not know which option to choose. We experience decision paralysis. Does it happen to you?

Every morning, many people wake up with the desire to improve things, to invent new ideas and to develop better knowledge. What sometimes holds them to realize their ideas is that they keep postponing the realization. They procrastinate it.

In my talk I will mention what the latest studied from behavioral economics and psychology tells us about how to eliminate procrastination and give you one practical tool that you can apply to your day to day life. I will also tell you something about cognitive biases that influence our decisions and the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.

Veronika Jelínková, growJOB, Czech Republic

Veronika JelínkováGraduated from University of Aberdeen in Economics, Experimental Economics and from the U.S. Economics Institute CERGE-EI where she studies Applied Economics. Veronika works as a consultant in GrowJOB Institute where she helps companies to improve their decisions and strategies by giving them the up-to-date scientific information and tools from the field of behavioral economics.

She likes Kendo, rock climbing and running ultramarathons as well as just to drink a beer and walk in the mountains.