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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Default to Open Go Forth Testers and Share Your Code

In my talk I will present an overview of the "Open by Default" and "Upstream First" philosophies, the benefits of sharing tests, testing tools, and test reusable test artifacts and I will provide a short, simplified guide to open sourcing your own testing efforts!"

Chris Ward, RedHat, Czech Republic

Chris WardMy name is Chris Ward. Originally from Houston TX, I live Brno, Czech Republic and work at Red Hat, CZ, going on 8 years now and counting. I'm married with two boys, Harold(5) and Hugo(2). My focus at Red Hat has always been on quality and testing. In addition to testing Red Hat’s keystone Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform OS and developing automation infrastructure and tests, I have 4 years history working with our partners and customers coordinating testing efforts, I’m a python data hacker (github:metrique), open source and open data advocate and these days I’m working on internal communications related initiatives, testing policies and project management at Red Hat and last year I started hacking together an international conference, QEcamp, dedicated to all things related open source testing and community development (coming soon!).