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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Checklists - a way to save lives

This presentations started when I read this statement in a newspaper:
“18 patient less died after operation measures over a period of 3 month”

I have been using checklists during many years in my work with software test. I think of checklist as a support to help my test team to remember things we most of the time already know, but which we might forget when testing moves into its crucial period, just before deadline of a project, or a specific level of testing.

During the presentation, I will talk about 7 checklist I find of interest and value to use during a project.

Let me add that my approach to checklist is, and the approach I want to stress in this presentation is an intelligent use of checklists. Checklist are to be used as guidelines for my testers and team members, not as firm rules that removes the responsibility of people to use their own knowledge and skills.

Klaus Olsen,, Denmark

Klaus Olsen Klaus has more than 27 years of experience within the IT industry, working as adeveloper, tester, project manager, test manager, program test manager and test adviser.

22 of these years have been spend specializing in the software test area, and since year 2000 this has been through his own company

Klaus is a founding member of the TMMi Foundation, and is currently chair of TMMi Management Executives. TMMi Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which have created the Test Maturity Model integration, TMMi model, used around the world as a method to assess organisations test maturity and to improve the maturity of these Klaus is a founding member of Danish Software Testing Board, DSTB, representing ISTQB in Denmark, and now the largest test network in Denmark.

Klaus has delivered presentation and shared his knowledge with test managers and testers at conferences around the world including Australia, India, Japan, Korea and USA and an additional 8 countries in Europe.