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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Can we automate?

Nowadays, in software testing field, automated testing is a key topic and a lot of involved people think that manual testing is an old school, or even an "everyone can do" way of testing.

But when we start talking about software testing in industry, automating of software testing is not that obvious.

What if each customer wants a customized product?

What if all the functionality has to be implemented at once?

What is there is only one opportunity to test the software?


Is it a good idea to automate tests? Will it bring some added value? Is it even reasonable to automate?

In our presentation we would like to answer those questions and give you some peek into the world of software testing in industry and how we are trying to implement automation into testing.


Jiří Samec, Huisman, Czech Republic

Jiří Samec Jiri started his career in software testing of offshore applications in newly founded test team about 2 years ago and since then, he focus on promotion of testing through company and on improvement of existing and application of new approaches in software testing.





Stefan van Loenhout, Huisman, The Netherlands

Stefan van LoenhoutStefan has more than 3 years of testing experience in the offshore industry, being involved in establishing a test team from the ground up, on multiple locations. His main focus is on designing simulations used for software verification. He likes to work on practical static software tooling.