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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Business Process Testing

The most popular, and arguably most important areas of IT today are business modelling, enterprise architecture and SOA.

BPM / BPMS solutions must be tested. However, very little systematic knowledge on this subject is provided. Typically, testing remains a relatively low-level activity, while business process modelling a high-level activity, both in technical terms and in organziational hierachies. This tutorial binds them togather, which is benefitial to both parts.

Learning how to test BPMS, based on BPMN diagrams, is not the end of this. En equally fasciating possibility is static (or simulation-based) testing of BPMN diagrams, in order to improve business processes and discover "process bugs": business processes which are expensive, or hard to adapt do chnageing needs, or simply clumsy. We'll look for how to discover that kind of bugs, too.


Expected knowledge: Some basic (not fluent) previous experience of business process modelling and model-based test design (UML, or BPMN, or other).


Bogdan Bereza, Victo, Poland

Bogdan Bereza

Bogdan is known for his pragmatic yet creative approach to quality issues and for his ability to cross-connect between areas such as programming, design, requirements engineering, testing, and project management. Over the years, he has bridged knowledge gaps between technology and psychology, as well as between iterative (including agile) and sequential approaches. He has committed a few books, and many articles as well as conference presentations on these subjects. He is ardent supporter of IREB, co-founder and vice president of ARE. He is a grumpy and critical lover of agile and exploratory, which he teaches at Agile Academy in Sweden.