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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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Building a testing team– From an empty room to a fully productive team in a short time

We live in a fast world where companies are facing the ever-increasing complexity of today’s software products. Time to market is more and more important. We see everyday business critical projects that go from an idea to a product or system in a record time. Testing teams are part of this world, they are here to stay and they need to be a well functioning part of it.

This presentation will walk you through the steps needed to be taken to have a team ready to start testing in a very short time. We’ll start from recruiting passing by processes, tools and infrastructures, knowledge building, test case writing and preparation up to being ready to start. One last part will include what’s next during testing.

You’ll learn as well what are the key messages for each of the phases described in this real case study.

Luis Amaral, Portugal

Luis AmaralLuís Amaral has more than 15 years of IT industry experience in several technical and management roles; he has been involved many different projects from small local to multi-million euro/multi site projects.

Luis has been an independent consultant most of his career, working in 9 different countries across Europe. Currently he spends his time between Portugal and Switzerland where he holds a Senior Project Manager role in a major Swiss Telecommunications company. Between 2008 and 2011, he has also been the co-founder and director of a company specialized in software development and service management process improvement.

Luís Amaral is also a co-founder of the PSTQB (Portuguese Software Testing Qualifications Board) where he sits in the board and is the Vice-Chair of the ISTQB® Marketing Working Group.

With a MsC in Computer Engineering, Luís has been a speaker, writer and reviewer both nationally and internationally and for the industry and academia. He likes travelling, sports and spending time with his family and friends.