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25 - 26 June 2015 in Prague

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BDD in plain language

One of the most important concepts of agile testing is "test first" idea. To write tests before the code might have sounded revolutionary at times when TDD was introduced, but despite that it slowly became a common practice of many agile teams.

Since that TDD has proven its quality, and also its weak points.

The answer on many issues that TDD does not address can be BDD.

This tutorial should help you to better understand differences between TDD and BDD and, using practical examples, show you where to start, when you decide to "test first".

We will discuss all concepts without any prejudices and propaganda phrases.

In small groups we are going to build up simple project using both TDD and BDD, so we will be able to compare both approaches.

Besides, the tutorial should be a great opportunity to share your ideas, experience or even worries about writing tests before any code.

For purpose of this tutorial we are going to use open source tools JUnit(for TDD) and JBehave(for BDD).


Expected knowledge: Basic programming skills (Java language is definitely advantage)

Expected equipment: Laptop with preinstalled Java and Eclipse IDE


Slavoj Písek, Kerio, Czech Republic

Slavoj PísekSlavoj Písek is a senior developer and development team leader at Kerio Technologies Inc. He has got more than 12 years experience in software developing and testing.

For more than 4 years he has been participating in the implementation of automated testing in the company as a team leader and project leader. Besides, he is an author or coauthor of several articles in IT magazines, and more than 20 books on programming and Information technologies.